Nearby is Tzintzuntzan, the archeological site of the Yácatas and ancient pyramids of the indigenous Purépechas.

Just outside of town lies Lake Patzcuaro with several small islands, the best known of which is Isla Janitzio. The island is mainly populated by descendants of the original Purepecha. You can climb the zig-zag walkways to arrive at the top where a giant statue of Christ stands watch over all. 

Patzcuaro is famous for its unique Dias de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) ceremonies where the cemeteries are brightly lit with candles that cast light on the multitude of yellow marigolds welcoming back the ancestors.

Everything revolves around the main square, named Plaza Vasco de Quiroga (also called Plaza Grande). Many of the town’s restaurants and cafés are located under the portico-ed buildings around the square and it’s a great spot to sit down with a drink and watch local life.

Patzcuaro and the surrounding area – is famous for its indigenous culture and arts and crafts. People come here from all over Mexico to buy textiles, copper works, pottery, baskets, wood work and folk art.