Transportation fromMorelia International Airport
In the Morelia Airport, just as you exit Customs, there will be a small kiosk on your left, usually staffed by two women. The sign will say something like "Transportación terrestre" ("Ground transportation"). They will sell you a ticket for a private taxi direct to your destination. The last time checked, the fare was around MX$850 pesos (approximately $45 US) to Patzcuaro and took around 90 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. This is the fastest way, other than a private vehicle. There is no direct bus service from the airport. 

You can also ask there for a taxi ticket to the bus station that goes to Patzcuaro. First class buses are the best, but the second class buses leave more often. For a 40 minute bus ride you can take the next available, either 1st or 2nd class ride. Primera Plus goes from the main bus station to Patzcuaro, however it is not their first class service. It is called "Economica" and there are no reserved seats in advance and no tagged luggage. Departs from Sala B.

Pátzcuaro is located:
1 hr from Morelia.
1 ½ hrs from the Morelia airport.
3 ½ hrs to Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa.
4 hrs West of Mexico City.
4 hrs East of Guadalajara



Arriving by Air

The nearest international airport to Patzcuaro  isInternational Airport Francisco Mújica located 25 km (15miles) north of Morelia. Information, (443) 313 67 80. The airport is about 90 kilometres (60 miles), to the north of Pátzcuaro.

The Pátzcuaro area is also serviced by the nearby Uruapan International Airport. About 1 hour west of Patzcuaro.
These airports offer regularly scheduled flights from Canada or the US, and the services of the major car rental companies (Hertz, Tilden, National and more). From these cities, you can safely and conveniently use their bus services to the Pátzcuaro.

Car from San Miguel de Allende 
By car it is 2 1/2 to 3 hours to Patzcauro. There are several car rentals in San Miguel. Check online.

 Dr. Coss 15, Centro, 61600 Pátzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico


Buses from San Miguel de Allende
Transportation by PrimeraPlus is 3 1/2 hours and is included

You do not need a car in Patzcuaro.