When the visual experiences in San Miguel are so extraordinary, the opportunity to take iPhone photos, under Sandra’s tutelage is not to be missed! 

Sandra I would like to thank you very much for an excellent photo workshop in San Miquel de Allende. 
Your focus on taking great pictures with an iPhone day 1 followed by photo editing tricks day 2 worked perfectly for me. 
I enjoy using my camera but don’t always have it with me but I do have my iPhone.  Now I won’t miss those magic moments.  In particular I am blown away by the people shots I can take with my iPhone 8.  Thank you for teaching me how to use the portrait option. 
Regards Bev

Having had the pleasure of attending two series of “on site” iPhone photography classes with Sandra, and a session in editing with Snapseed, I would encourage everyone who owns an iPhone to do the same.
Specifically speaking, that could mean anyone over the age of 40. Sandra allows you the opportunity to operate the camera in the phone with greater awareness of its capacities, resulting in better quality photos.
She does so in a positive and most helpful, “hands on” way. No question is too stupid. The results are immediate. In particular, the sites from the Botanical Garden can become limitless. The walk itself is a great way to enjoy San Miquel, when the streets have become too crowded and nature beckons. 

I had the good fortune to meet Sandra Laurin at an exhibit of her work in 2008. I found her photographs to be beautiful and her experiences of photographing all over the world to be inspirational.
Being a photography enthusiast myself, I was interested in taking my work to the next level. I was delighted to find a mentor whose work I admired so much. I wanted to learn more about her techniques and tap into that passion that I recognized in her and which I came to realize that we shared.
Her workshops not only inspired me but helped me achieve a greater level of expertise. Her talent as a photographer is only surpassed by her innate passion for teaching.
Not only did I benefit from Sandra’s expert guidance for my personal advancement but we found that we worked very well together and have photographed many weddings, special events and corporate functions over the years.
If you are looking for the opportunity to get an insight into how photography can enhance your travel experiences, I highly recommend a workshop with Sandra. You will not be disappointed!! Shari Lovell

You opened my eyes to “see” and improve the composition and light of my photos. You took the time to work closely with us in class, then out in the field. I learned a lot from sharing photos with the other student too. Editing was the best part, when our photos came alive! Looking forward to the next course…Susan

The IPhone photography course I took from Sandra was terrific! I learned many techniques such as composition, looking for the light, using diagonal lines and much much more. I also learned a lot about the camera itself and all the neat things it can do. The software applications were a bonus. Sandra is a patient teacher and is very generous with her time. Pat S.

Having a photography teacher who is so passionate about her subject was an incredible bonus!  I learned so much in Sandra’s tutorials and her attention to specific details when we were out shooting.  Jude

“Supportive environment, clear explanations of complex concepts, reasonable cost”

Great course!  Enjoyed every moment especially the walk-abouts.  Jim

Sandra is a great teacher.  The course was well-rounded.  The individual attention is priceless!  Donna

I had a lovely time at Pozos, and with your guidance, I have some very good photos.  I must say, I’ve taken workshops in the past, but you provided the most hands on experience and lead us directly to locations rather than have us wandering around on our own.  I’m very grateful and do hope to photograph with you again. Lorraine

Sandra will nudge your creative side, with positive suggestions and the wisdom of a photographer’s eye. Her manner is pleasant and informative, with an abundance of patience. The editing tool Snapseed is a great way to work on photos right from the phone or on a larger screen; making it very versatile and approachable. The results are amazing! 

A couple  of years ago I bought a DSLR. I got by taking what I would call “Lucky Shots” but never knew exactly what I was doing. I’ve always loved photography and finally decided that I would take a course. I spoke to a couple of people who recommended Sandra Laurin.
Sandra’s course gave me all the tools and direction that I needed to understand the functionality of my camera and I learned to be able to take a great photo. We started out slowly and even went out on photography jaunts venturing out into the woods, and deserted lakes to gather photo opportunities. Something Sandra always says is “look for the light” which I say over and over to myself every time I take a photo.Sandra was always available to give direction and tips if I was lost or just needed that little bit extra advice. I can’t thank her enough.
I’m so glad that I took this course. I’ve accomplished more than I thought I could have and I owe it all to the great teaching of Sandra Laurin. I highly recommend this course!
Thank you Sandra, you are always an inspiration to me
Rosalind Monster

We enjoyed our day in Pozos and now I want to work on the photos.  Thank you for being so patient with me.  Susie

Great fun and informative.  Eugenia

LOVE “Snapseed”   Fun to learn new things…

I learned so much in a short time.  Helped to get e started (using my new iPhone) so I can practice on my own.  Sharon Conklin

Thank you for a very enjoyable IPhone Photography course in San Miguel.